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We take pride in having a select number of quality cases. Each case is prepared for trial. Simply put, insurance companies pay more money to the attorneys that work hard (and smart) for their clients.


Over $3,700,000 Million in Verdicts & Settlements

Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Confidential Settlement

Personal Injury

Confidential Settlement

Personal Injury


Automobile Collision -- Multiple Neck Surgeries


Premises Liability -- Neck Fusion Surgery


Commercial Vehicle Collision -- Lower Back Surgical Candidate


Automobile Collision -- Pregnancy Complications


Daycare Negligence -- Femur Fracture

$125,000.00 (Insurance Policy Limits)

Automobile Collision -- Neck Surgery


Automobile Collision -- Shoulder Surgery

$103,000.00 (Collective Settlement)

Automobile Collision -- Neck & Back Injuries


Automobile Collision -- Back Injury


Automobile Collision -- Knee Injury