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The goal of any responsible parent, employee or chaperone is to keep children safe when they are at a field trip or during transportation in a daycare. However, unexpected things can happen. If you believe that a child has been involved in a field trip accident or transportation accident, Kevin Patrick, an Atlanta field trip attorney, can help.

Cases about children being left at a park or being left in a hot vehicle have occurred resulting from the negligence of the teacher at the daycare. As parents, employees or chaperones, it is important to know what is required should such an accident occur. If you believe that your child has fallen victim to negligence on an Atlanta field trip contact Kevin Patrick for additional information.

Why Choose Us?

At Kevin Patrick Law, Kevin is an Atlanta field trip lawyer and is here to help with field trip injuries. The attorneys offer support to families that have been impacted by lack of supervision or adequate training of employees. As a father of two young children himself, Kevin Patrick is passionate about bringing his skill set to recoup damages for victims of negligence. If you are unsure if a Georgia department of Early Care and Learning Rule has been violated, Kevin is here to help.

Georgia Regulation about Field Trips

According to Rule 591.1.1-.13, the facility must:

  • Provide notice to the parent about the field trip and get written permission signed by a parent for the field trip
  • Provide additional supervision to the children
  • Comply with the requirement about transportation if the field trip involves transporting children
  • Have a list of trip participants both at the daycare center and in the hand of the person in charge of the field trip in the field
  • Make sure each child on a field trip have on their person their name, and the daycare center’s name, address, and telephone number

Georgia Regulation about Transportation

According to the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning Rule 591-1-1-.36, the facility shall:

  • Provide training to the director and each staff person participate in the transportation
  • Have annual safety checks for vehicles used in the transportation of children
  • For routine transportation, get written authorization from parent(s) and specify the pick-up location and time, delivery location and time, and the name of any person authorized to receive the child
  • Have passenger transportation checklist, which includes the first and last name of children and have the staff document in writing the departure/arrival time of transportation and the children on the vehicle
  • Check the vehicle after unloading and make sure that there is no child left behind

Common Accident During Field Trips and Transportation

Common incidents or acts of negligence that unfortunately occur during field trips or circumstances involving transportation include:

  • Children left at the location of field trip
  • Children left at the vehicle when being transported from one location to another
  • The facility fails to provide enough supervision to the children during the field trip

What Should You Do If an Accident Involving Your Children Occurs During a Field Trip

  • Make sure that your children are safe
  • If your children need medical assistance, get medical assistance as soon as possible
  • Report the incident to the facility and Bright from the Start
  • Talk with Kevin Patrick, an Atlanta field trip attorney, to protect the interests of your children and your family

Please do not hesitate to contact us if your children experience any accidents during field trip or transportation from a field trip. Kevin Patrick is a seasoned daycare lawyer in Atlanta. As a father himself, Kevin understands a child’s best interest and the concern of your family. He will fight for your case and get your children and your family a fair and just compensation. To schedule a free consultation with Kevin Patrick, an Atlanta field trip lawyer, contact us or give us a call at (404) 566-5880.

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