Trucking Accidents

The number of tractor trailers on the road increases every year and, sadly, so does the number of tractor trailer related accidents.

Approximately 5,000 fatal truck accidents occur each year. The loads that these trucks carry can be in excess of 80,000 pounds with the average weight of a passenger car being 3,500 pounds. Even non-fatal accidents involving tractor trailers can be just as devastating physically, emotionally, and financially to you. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration along with the Department of Transportation conducted a study that found over 60% of tractor trailer accidents were caused by loss of control of the vehicle and running outside of the travel lanes. These reasons along with driver fatigue, poor vehicle maintenance, and mechanical failures are the reasons that tractor trailer accidents are some of the most severe accidents on the road. Truck accidents can cause broken bones, paralysis, serious internal injuries, and an extreme decline in quality of life for the victims and their families. The financial burden of hospital bills, lost wages, medical bills, and rehabilitation can drive families into financial ruin during an already difficult time. Insurance companies do not have your best interests at heart; their main goal is to settle quickly and with as little money coming out of their pockets as possible. We understand that no settlement amount will bring your loved one back or heal the emotional and physical trauma left by this devastating event, but getting the settlement you and your family deserve can bring you peace of mind when you are seriously injured in a trucking accident. Kevin Patrick is a seasoned attorney and will investigate every aspect of your accident and is committed to seeing you and your family receive fair and just compensation.

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