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Choosing a daycare provider for your child can be an incredibly difficult decision to make. The sheer amount of information online can be intimidating for many – and determining how much of this information is legitimate or accurate can be a frustrating experience. Our Criminal record and background check attorneys are here to help ensure the daycare is in compliance.

Fortunately, many daycare facilities in the state of Georgia are subject to strict state regulations regarding its staff and care providers. One of these crucial requirements is a criminal record and background check. If you suspect that a daycare employee was not properly vetted, contact our attorneys.

Why Choose our Atlanta Criminal Record and Background Check Attorney Kevin Patrick?

Kevin Patrick is a father of young children and is very familiar with the legality and requirements that day cares in Georgia must adhere to. If you’re confident that your child has suffered an injury, or is in a vulnerable position as a result of a daycare facility failing to perform a background check, then we’re here to help.

If the facility’s failure to finish the background check and your kids were injured in the facility, you should be able to get fair compensation from the daycare accident. We know that this will be an important issue for your kids and your family. Please feel free to call us or submit our online contact form for a free consultation. We will fight for your case and help you get fair compensation.

What is a Background Check?

A background check is a comprehensive evaluation into a person’s past that serves to verify their employment eligibility in certain occupations. Typically, a person’s identity is cross-referenced with various state and federal databases to ensure they do not have any red flags for employment. This includes any employment records, along with any potential criminal records that they may have.

Georgia Daycare Facilities and Background Check Requirements

According to the Rule of Bright from the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning, Rule 591-1-.09 specifies that a daycare facility must ensure that its employee has a complete background check and receive a satisfactory determination from Bright from the Start for the background check. If the facility has an employee who works with children, but did not receive a satisfactory determination from Bright from the Start, the facility breaks the rule.

Why Are Background Checks Important for Daycare Facilities?

Background checks are crucial in determining the quality of a daycare facility in Georgia. They allow facilities to weed out any employees who may cause harm to children. Those who may seem like they are a great fit for the facility can, after a background check, actually have the potential to cause harm to children.

Additionally, background checks can allow discerning parents to disregard any facilities who fail meet the standards set forth by Bright from the Start. Daycare facilities must uphold their due diligence to ensure they are providing a safe, healthy environment for children – a failure to conduct thorough background checks of a daycare’s employees is a failure to uphold that duty of care.

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