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Kevin Patrick Law’s Approach to Georgia Personal Injury Cases

Getting the Top Settlement & Trial Value for Injured Georgia Clients

Kevin Patrick is an experienced Georgia personal injury trial attorney. Kevin knows how insurance companies value a bodily injury case in Georgia. You may ask, “How” and “Why” to Kevin. Well, Kevin Patrick used to handle bodily injury cases for leading insurance companies in Georgia prior to starting Kevin Patrick Law. Kevin even reported directly to insurance companies.  Now, Kevin anticipates insurance companies’ “next move” during personal injury cases.  Kevin maximizes compensation for his injury clients because Kevin knows the “do’s and don’ts” of Georgia personal injury cases. When injured Georgia clients meet with Kevin, he not only actively listens, but also explains the next steps of a personal injury case from all perspectives. Too often, Kevin saw insurance companies using strategies and tactics to save on the bottom line instead of offering fair compensation for a Georgia personal injury case. As the adage goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and Kevin’s clients routinely thank him for helping to avoid problems with their Georgia injury case.

Selecting the Right Type of Georgia Personal Injury Trial Attorney

When Kevin Patrick founded his own personal injury firm, Kevin wanted to bring Georgia community values into the professional workplace as a trial lawyer.  As a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, Georgia Center for Child Advocacy, and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Kevin believes each and every person is truly important. Too often again, Kevin witnessed personal injury lawyers putting their interests above their clients’ interests. We bring that same viewpoint to every case, and we will work tirelessly for our clients. Our goals are focused on leveling the legal playing field against insurance companies and negligent parties.

Doing the “Little Things” to  Help Navigate the Personal Injury Case Process in Georgia

The firm is dedicated to assisting people with injuries resulting from various types of accidents. We have a team approach to every case that builds client relationships. Our clients know that we value each and every case. It’s not just another file. You can expect attention to detail and precision. We work hard to keep clients up to date on their cases and do the little things, like returning phone calls and replying to emails. We treat our clients like they are our close family and friends.

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