Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can be absolutely devastating to a person, and they are generally caused by failure by another driver to see the motorcyclist on the road.

Motorcycle accidents are like other vehicles accidents, such as trucking accidents and car accidents, in some ways, but it includes unique factors. Motorcycle riding is riskier because motorcycles are much smaller than cars, and provide less protection to the rider.

Based on the data from Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, since 2007, more than 10% of all traffic fatalities were motorcyclists. The numbers of motorcyclists’ fatalities increased rapidly since 2014.

Motorcycle Safety Tips

  • Always wear a helmet
  • Wear appropriate gear
  • Follow traffic rules
  • Keep educated yourself about how to ride safely
  • Be aware of your surrounding when you are riding

Tragic Outcome of Motorcycle Accidents

While helmets and protective gear like riding suits offer some protection, the injuries sustained during a motorcycle accident are often severe and permanent. Injuries include leg and foot injuries, which sometimes resulting in the loss of use of the limb or even amputation. Serious internal injuries and road rash from the impact of the driver on the ground are extremely painful. They may occur even if the rider is wearing a helmet and protective gear. These injuries can drastically decrease a person’s quality of life or even result in death. The recovery process can take months or even years. During that time, medical bills, hospital charges, and recovery costs are adding up. Coupled with lost wages, it is easy to see how accidents like these are life-changing events.

Steps to Take After Motorcycle Accidents

  • Call 911: The health and safety of everyone involved in the accident is far and away the most important thing to think about immediately after an automobile accident. Please call to 911! By calling for help, you ensure emergency workers and paramedics arrive at the scene to provide the help needed to each and every person involved in the car accident.
  • Gather Information: Get information from all the parties and witnesses involved in the accident, such as their names and contact information.
  • Collect Evidence: Now days, a cell phone camera is a useful tool for taking photos of damage to all the vehicles and the car accident scene. Here’s an extra tip: Take pictures of any skid marks. Those pictures can be used to calculate the speed of the negligent party. Stories change, but the facts don’t.
  • Get Medical Assistant: Your heath is important. To get help from a doctor as soon as possible will be very important when a motorcycle accident happens.
  • Find a Lawyer: It’s important to have lawyer on your side, who has the experience to deal with the insurance company. Insurance company will want to settle the claim with as less money as possible if you do not have a lawyer. Most importantly, do not give any recorded statement to the insurance company before you talk with your lawyer.


We know you have enough on your plate during this difficult time so we can guide you through the oftentimes daunting legal process. We will make sure you get the compensation you deserve while still being able to focus on the most important thing, you and your recovery. Call Kevin Patrick today if you suffered injury from any motorcycle accidents.

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