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When we send our children to a facility, we expect that the playground, equipment, and toys at the facility are safe for use by children of all ages. If your children were injured when they’ve played on the playground of the facility, using the equipment at the facility, or paying toys at the facility, you might have a personal injury case on behalf of your children against the facility.

Contact Kevin Patrick, an Atlanta playground injury attorney, if your child has suffered an injury as a result of faulty playground equipment or toys. He is an experienced attorney willing to offer free consultations to discuss the specifics of your case.

What are Common Playground Injuries?

Some of the most common scenarios that result in personal injury include:

  • Falling on the playground
  • Accidents resulting from equipment that is improperly locked, secured, or otherwise restrained
  • Accidents due to toys that may be unsafe, defective, or require proper adult supervision

Playground and daycare accidents can result in a wide range of injuries. This includes minor scrapes and bruises to serious injuries such as fractures, traumatic brain injuries and severe burns.

Georgia Regulation on Playgrounds at Daycares

Georgia currently has state regulations in place to ensure that playgrounds at daycares and other educational children’s facilities are safe and secure for children’s use.

Based on the Rule of Bright From the Start, he Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning, Rule 591-1-.26 states that the center must have a playground that meets require size and playground occupancy. The playground shall also have a fence or other approved barriers to protect the children. The surface of the playground must be suitable for various activity. The rule also requires that the playground shall be free of hazards, such as but not limited to rocks, exposed tree roots, and exposed sharp edges of concrete.

Georgia Regulation about Equipment and Toys

Georgia also has laws in place to ensure safe equipment and toys for use by children.

Based on Rule of Bright from the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning, Rule 591-1-.12 requires that all indoor and outdoor furniture, activity materials, and equipment shall be used in a safe and appropriate manner by the employee and shall be free from hazardous conditions. It also requires that the equipment and furniture shall be placed in a way that could minimize the danger of accident and collision. The rule also specifies that the toys shall be age-appropriate and shall be stored on low, open shelves accessible to children.

What to Do if You Find Your Children Injured Because of Playground, Equipment, or Toys

  • Collect evidence that shows that the facility is at fault, such as having unsafe playground surface and unsafe toys
  • File a complaint to Bright from the Start
  • If your children are injured, please get medical assistance as soon as possible
  • Talk with a lawyer and to find the best way to protect the interests of your children

Contact an Atlanta Playground Injury Attorney

We know that your children’s health and safety is very important to your family. As a father himself, Kevin Patrick will fight for your case and help you get fair and just compensation for your kids and your family. Your case is important to us, and we will try to provide any assistance that your children and your family need during a difficult time. To discuss the specifics of your case with Atlanta playground injury attorney Kevin Patrick, contact or call us at (404) 566-5880.

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