Sexual Assault and Molestation

Sexual assault and molestation have horrendous effects on their victims no matter the age. Sexual assault is defined as any contact or behavior that came without explicit consent. Sexual abuse can also include forms without contact such as exposure, voyeurism, and child pornography. There are civil remedies for these criminal acts because, oftentimes, the owner of a company or church will fail to screen employees and volunteers for these dangerous tendencies.

Where Sexual Assault Can Take Place

Sexual Assault Might Happen In The Following Settings:

  • Working Environments
  • Schools
  • After-School Programs
  • Healthcare facilities

Effects of Sexual Assault and Molestation

Damage that sexual assault and molestation might cause is not only physical damage. More often the mental and emotional damage to the victim will continue years or even a lifetime. The victim might suffer from depression, flashbacks of the traumatic event, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Victims of sexual assault and molestation shall know how to file a case for the incident against the person who caused these terrible results.

If you or loved one has fallen victim to sexual assault or molestation, we offer a safe space for guidance where we will answer any questions you have about the legal process. Kevin Patrick will investigate every aspect of your case and work diligently to see that you get the justice and closure you deserve and prevent anyone else from falling to the same crime. Contact us today.

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