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By Kevin Patrick|October 1, 2023|Articles,Day Care Negligence,News

Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Daycare Injuries in Georgia

When you entrust your child to a daycare facility in Georgia, you expect them to be safe and well-cared for. Unfortunately, accidents can happen, and it’s essential to be informed about how daycare injuries are handled. Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about daycare injuries in Georgia: 1. What should I do if my…

By Kevin Patrick|September 26, 2023|Articles,News

5 Important Tips if You’ve Been in an Automobile Accident in Georgia

If you’ve recently experienced an automobile accident in Georgia, it’s essential to know how to protect your rights and well-being in the aftermath. In this post, we’re here to offer you five important tips to navigate this challenging situation effectively. Safety First: Your safety and that of your passengers should be the top priority. After…

By Kevin Patrick|September 17, 2023|Articles,Firm Updates,News

The Impact of Future Surgical Recommendations on the Settlement of Georgia Accident Cases

Accidents can bring about significant physical and emotional trauma for those involved. In many cases, the injuries sustained in accidents may require ongoing medical treatment, including surgeries. The state of Georgia, like many others, has a legal framework in place to handle accident cases and determine settlements. The presence of future surgical recommendations can significantly…

By Kevin Patrick|September 14, 2023|Articles,News

Understanding Spinal Injuries in Car Accidents in Georgia

Car accidents can lead to various injuries, and one of the most severe and life-altering types of injuries is damage to the spine. If you’ve been involved in a car accident in Georgia, it’s essential to be aware of the potential spinal injuries that can occur. In this post, we will discuss the different parts…

By Kevin Patrick|August 21, 2023|Articles,News

Understanding Underinsured Motorist Coverage Add-On vs. Reduced by Limits in Georgia Auto Accidents

When it comes to protecting yourself in the event of a car accident, having the right insurance coverage can make all the difference. In Georgia, two common options to consider are underinsured motorist coverage add-on and reduced by limits coverage.  We’re here to break down the differences to help you make an informed decision. Underinsured…

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