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Atlanta Lawyer Magazine Feature

Atlanta Lawyer Magazine Feature

Atlanta Lawyer Magazine featured Kevin Patrick for the “Keys to Success” portion of the magazine. Kevin serves on the executive committee for the Board of Directors for the Atlanta Bar Association. As a personal injury trial attorney in Georgia, Kevin believes in the importance of staying active in the Atlanta legal community. The tips that Kevin learned are attributable to the lessons taught by his father. These lessons are useful not only in civil jury trials, but most importably, in life.

Atlanta Bar Association Board of Directors

Georgia Personal Injury Attorney Kevin Patrick serves on the Board of Directors for the Atlanta Bar Association.

Kevin’s “Keys to Success”

Atlanta Lawyer Magazine will often ask Georgia attorneys for their thoughts on various legal matters. This time, the Atlanta Lawyer asked about Keys to Success. To Kevin, it is quite simple:

Arrive on-time, which in reality is 10 minutes early, remember to stand up straight, and always tell the truth.

“Arrive on time, which in reality is 10 minutes early, remember to stand up straight, and always tell the truth.”

We would invite you to check out the entire magazine.There are some other great quotes from other Atlanta lawyers. For example, ‘The only failure is not to try.” Don’t just show up: DO.” And, (on a humorous note), “Study hard so you can go to medical school.” 😉 There are a number of useful and interesting articles about the legal profession in Georgia too.

Importance as a Trial Lawyer

These keys in the Atlanta Lawyer Magazine are important to Kevin as a person and attorney, especially as a trial lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia. For example, Kevin has an automobile accident case starting trial tomorrow in Cobb County State Court. It is supposed to start at 9:00. Kevin will be there by 8:30. FYI — He gives himself not just 10 minutes, but 30 for trial. By standing up straight, it shows respect for the Court, his client, and the whole civil justice system. Finally, tell the truth. It’s easy, and always the right thing to do. To paraphrase Mark Twain, If you tell the truth, then you don’t have to remember the last thing you just said.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post about the Atlanta Lawyer Magazine. If you ever have questions about the Atlanta Bar Association, Georgia personal injury cases, or really any Georgia legal issue, you are always welcome to reach out to Kevin and his Atlanta law firm.


Volunteering for the High School Mock Trial Competition National Championships

Volunteering to Help Aspiring Young Lawyers in Georgia

The practice of law and being a lawyer goes well beyond the courtroom (or in some cases actually going back to the courtroom to help aspiring young lawyers). Georgia hosted the High School Mock Trial Program’s National Championships on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in Athens. As a Atlanta personal injury lawyer, it was really exciting to see teams from all across the country get-together here in Georgia for this annual competition.  Great to see these aspiring lawyers!!! As a Georgia Bulldog myself, I especially enjoyed in visiting campus, the Classic Center, and Athens-Clarke County courthouse, especially since we recently had a jury trial there.

Reflections as a Georgia Trial Lawyer

Not only was volunteering really rewarding on a professional level as a personal injury trial lawyer, but also it brought back so many fond memories of my high school days, which was almost 20 years ago. I remember during my junior and senior years at the Walker School participating in the very same mock trial program. It helped me decide to be a trial lawyer. Looking back, there were so many judges and attorneys that volunteered their time to teach us about becoming a successful advocate, comfortable in court, and instilling faith in our legal system.  I always want to return the favor each year by volunteering for as a judge/juror/evaluator for this program.

Great Experience as a Personal Injury Attorney

These students are truly gifted advocates!  Each team prepares opening statements. After that, there are direct and cross examinations of witnesses, and then closing arguments. In addition, the attorneys also learn to field objections and interpose objections of their own in court.  Another exciting aspect of the program is that students also serve as witnesses. They really get into their characters!! By watching them, I, similarly, learned too. I’ll be sure to use some of their techniques next time (probably tomorrow) I’m litigating one of my personal injury cases.

To learn more about the program, here’s the link to it.

Congratulations on a job well done to all the students!!

In sum, if you have any questions about our practice, which is personal injury in the Atlanta area, or know of any high school students aspiring to become lawyers in Georgia. It doesn’t just have to be personal injury ;-). Please don’t hesitate to reach out to my firm. Above all, we truly hope to do our part to make ourselves a welcoming and supportive part of the community.

Thanks again for reading our blog, and Go Dawgs!!