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Welcome Baoyi Cai as a Summer Associate

Welcome Baoyi Cai as a Summer Associate

We are excited to welcome Baoyi Cai as a summer associate at Kevin Patrick Law. Baoyi Cai is a rising 3L at Emory University Law School. She earned a Bachelor of Law Degree from China. Additionally, Baoyi is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

Baoyi’s work as a summer associate for our trial law firm includes doing legal research, reviewing documents, and drafting pleadings and demand letters for our Georgia personal injury cases. Baoyi is a hardworking associate. She is especially interested in learning more about practicing in different legal fields, like automobile accidents and daycare injuries. As a summer associate, Baoyi also attended one of our personal injury mediations. She learned about settlement strategies and negotiations.

Baoyi’s Law School Accomplishments

2019 GAPABA Annual Gala

Volunteering at the 2019 GAPABA Annual Gala

Prior to starting as an associate at Kevin Patrick Law, Baoyi has been very active at Emory Law School. Baoyi is the founder and President of the Association of International Law Students. She is an international student representative. Baoyi is part of the diversity and inclusion coalition. Baoyi also won first place in the Duke Transactional Law Competition this March. During the competition, Baoyi worked with her teammates to draft an indemnification agreement for a stock purchase. She also negotiated the agreement with students from other law schools.

Baoyi’s Involvement in the Community

As a summer associate at our firm and during law school, Baoyi always tries to get more involved in the local legal community. For example, Baoyi volunteers at Project Open Hand in Atlanta. The project helps homeless individuals in Atlanta. Baoyi also is a volunteer at the Clinic for Veteran’s at Emory Law School. She is also an active student member with the Georgia Asian Pacific American Bar Association (GAPABA). She volunteered at the Annual Gala too!

We are glad to have Baoyi with us this summer as an associate at Kevin Patrick Law. Baoyi is a great asset to our personal injury practice. Again, welcome Baoyi!

Receiving Outstanding Service Award

Receiving the Outstanding Service to the Bar Award as a Georgia Personal Injury Trial Attorney

Kevin Patrick received the Outstanding Service to the Bar Award at the annual meeting of the State Bar of Georgia. Service to others is an integral part of the legal profession. As a personal injury trial lawyer in Georgia, I, likewise, firmly believe in the importance of service.  Kevin Patrick Law serves injured clients. The firm also serves to the State Bar of Georgia.

Engagement in the State Bar of Georgia as a Personal Injury Trial Lawyer

First of all, one of the hallmarks of my firm’s injury practice is cultivating meaningful professional relationships. These relationship are forged with other Georgia lawyers and members of the judiciary. We all serve the State Bar of Georgia. By engaging in the bar as a personal injury lawyer, I found that it not only helps my client’s injury cases, but also elevates my firm’s stature in the Georgia legal community. Fellow Georgia lawyers and judges know that my firm only takes legitimate personal injury cases in Georgia. Furthermore, my firm handles personal injury cases the “right way.” High ethical and professional standards are paramount to Kevin Patrick Law.  Simply put, you won’t see Kevin Patrick Law running adds on TV or using paid actors to tout personal injury settlements.

Reflections on the Outstanding Service to the Bar Award

When I received the Outstanding Service Award from the State Bar, the award reaffirmed my commitment to the Georgia legal profession. Next, I looked-up the definition of service. Service means actively helping or doing work for someone. Just as Kevin Patrick Law strives to actively help our personal injury clients, I strive to engage actively in the State Bar of Georgia. For example, Georgia Bar activities include teaching incoming law students about professional responsibility. There is also mentoring for younger Georgia lawyers. Most importantly, I am a resource for community service projects. I like volunteering at shelters and food banks. While the award is a culmination of over a decade in practice, I firmly believe as a Georgia trial lawyer that service never stops. I look forward to many more years of service to the legal profession in Georgia.